Thursday, May 20, 2010


The radio announcer comes on and immediately takes a position that increased government intervention in business is detrimental to the American way. The American congress is interfering with the rights of private business and more laws mean more intervention, MORE TAXES, less profit for the independent business owners and less rights for the public.

The radio announcer states that “How can we continue to build a strong country when the government is taxing our businesses into none existence. Americans are losing their jobs and businesses to illegal aliens who only want to come to this country and use our resources while leaving nothing meaningful.” The announcer implies that Mexican men resemble Antonio Banderas, smell like frijoles and tacos, wear sombreros while driving low riders and our taking our girlfriends and sweethearts.

A pre recorded spot comes up and Black career government officials are called extortionists and said to be making secret back door deals with major corporations for undisclosed amounts of money. These deals are directed to inflict the most damage against minority independent owned businesses and the community at large. We re told that we should band together, rise up and fight against the government sponsored actions that are ruining our country and way of life.

Do you think this was Fox network’s Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly spouting their version of the “truth”?

No this was a normal weekday at Radio One Atlanta.

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