Monday, February 11, 2008

The Grammy's or The Grimey's


Can someone please tell me why we have a Grammy’s? Why is there an award show for the music industry? It absolutely has nothing to do with today’s music industry, for nowhere did the Grammy’s look at the music that is being traded, downloaded or listened to over the Internet. In fact it is as if iPods don’t even exist.

I remember a time where after winning a Grammy you would be insured to sell multiple thousands of new albums in the following weeks. That’s not happening anymore. I remember a time when a Grammy nomination would be advertised at the independent and national stores WEEKS before the event in the hopes of increasing sales. That doesn’t happen anymore.

Who really wins?

What do they win?

What is there to gain?
This year there was an unexpected winner in Herbie Hancock who won album of the year. "You know it's been 43 years since the first and only time that a jazz artist got the album of the year award," Hancock said, then proceeded to honor "the giants upon whose shoulders I stand, some of whom like Miles Davis, John Coltrane ... unquestionably deserved the award in the past. But this is a new day that proves that the impossible can be made possible." DID ANYONE NOTICE THAT THIS ALBUM HAD NOT BEEN PLAYED ANYWHERE ON RADIO? What made it an album of the year? I love Herbie but get real, where was this album last year?

The bottom line is that NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) makes more money from the Grammy’s than any other event or subscription service that it owns.

If you think this awards show is important, then you must have a financial interest.

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Keane said...

I couldn't agree more. I was in a pub someplace in San Francisco when it was playing. I looked at the TV and had no idea what it was.

This is an awesome blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Take care,