Monday, October 15, 2007

Hip-Hop Awards Shows

Allen Johnston – The Music Specialist

On the eve of the Hip-Hop Awards show I have to ask the question WHY?

Why are there award shows for artists that condone violence, derogatory lyrics and a complete disdain for authority?

Who really wins?

What do they win?

What is there to gain?

The presenting award show company acquires EXPOSURE so that the ratings for their show increase. They then can attract more advertisers and make a hell of a lot more money than the artists that received the award. The company also acquires sponsors for the show who use their sponsorship as advertising for their products or services, again making way more money than the Hip-Hop artist.

The Hip-Hop artist gains EXPOSURE so that everyone can see that they are a worthy Hip-Hop artist and the viewing public should become one of their loyal fans. Sales are not increased because you have won an award, your fan base is not increased not even your personal knowledge is increased.

Who acquires the most?

Award shows in the Hip-Hop music business always seem to have similarities.

Major artists are placed up front so that television cameras can constantly check to see their expressions when OTHER people win the awards.

Hard rappers always Thank God yet don’t have the strength to clean up their images or lyrics.

Iced out, grilled out, huge chains, new clothes, new hair arrangements galore yet not one dime to make a REAL change within their cd / ticket / clothes buying public’s community. A few artists have foundations that throw a yearly party so the press can see how much they are helping the community or they’ve given a few thousand dollars to a very few students educational fund. Here’s an idea, why not take the cost of ALL the jewelry you wear to the awards show and invest it into the education of children within your OWN community.

Cleavage will abound on the audience shots.

There’s going to be drama in the show and around the city where the show is being held. This morning I read that during the opening awards party someone got shot and a famous rapper is being accused. This type of behavior is indicative of any artist who really believes their “Hype”, and needs to show how truly “BAD” they are. Once again this is not selling records and most people are not so lucky that they can walk away from a gunshot wound, or an attempted murder charge.

There will be untold numbers of parties all using the name of the awards show in their advertising. Of course there will be Official parties and Unofficial parties advertised plus the underground private parties that this generation is now so proud of. Combined this only increases the chance of some drama hitting the media and blaming the drama on the awards show.

Pick your city Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, makes NO difference the similarities are there and the major players are the same.

I already know that some of you reading this article will feel that I’m “hating” on the award shows. My answer is to show me that I’m wrong, in other words WHERE’S THE BEEF?

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