Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Do's & Don'ts of Payola


Do listen to the music BEFORE you ask for the money. Know what you’re working with.

Don’t set a price for a project that will make your station sound bad.

Do setup a third party between you and the money giver. Someone you trust should be able to get a share of the profits for taking care of YOUR business. (INDEPENDENT PROMOTION PEOPLE DON’T COUNT)

Don’t receive a package directly from a company or individual, this can get you fired.

Do speak with the record label on occasion.

Don’t speak about anything concerning PAY FOR PLAY or accepting gifts. Normal conversations should be about the project’s ability to draw listeners or local sales.

Do be cordial and professional in your dealings, do what you say and say what you have done.

Don’t diss a company you have received favors from, some people will crack your skull to the white meat, others will tell the FCC.

Do understand that PAY FOR PLAY is illegal and always verbally refer to the quarterly statements you have signed denying your receiving money or gifts.

Don’t ever try to talk about PAYOLA with more than one person in the room. When there are 3 people or more one is always a witness.

Do let people know that you never will or ever have received money or gifts for airplay.

Don’t tell them that I told you so.

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